« With Talend, we build the 360° customer view. With a customer’s lifetime of travel
activities at their fingertips, our frontline teams can offer a greater level of customer
service and personalization »

Louise Williams, General Manager Customer Engagement, TUI UK & Ireland


More personalized travel experience with new customer-centric focus

1 golden record

Single “golden record” for each customer MDM links all data in a single file

New insights

New insights into customer preferences from records of a customer’s lifetime of travel

Delivering a richer and more personalized travel experience

The UK’s largest tour operator, TUI UK & Ireland, had grown through mergers and acquisitions—each of which brought legacy systems with challenges for sharing data across channels.

To achieve its goal of delivering more-personalized customer experiences, the company needed to be able to share data in real time. Therefore, as part of a new customer engagement platform, TUI UK & Ireland turned to Talend MDM and Talend partner Virtusa to solve their customer data management challenges. Using Talend’s real-time integration, matching and standardization services, TUI UK & Ireland was able to migrate data from an existing marketing solution and apply business rules and externally sourced reference validation information.

In the end, TUI UK & Ireland customers win as they have a much more personalized travel experience. With customer data mastered, TUI UK & Ireland avoids expensive multiple communications to the same person, improves call center resolution times, avoids duplicate data entry efforts, and remembers customers from one holiday to another.

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