« With Talend, we collect data from 4.5 million homes. We can provide departmental structures and the central administration with detailed information regarding construction, the public housing stock and home improvement. »

Oliver Cordellier, Project Manager of Housing Statistics, the Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development, Transportation and Housing (MEDDE)

15 BI projects

15 business intelligence projects now enabled by Talend

8 locations

8 regional locations now easily collaborating

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$0 in additional training required when existing Java skills can be leveraged

Analyzing the home and housing situation in each municipality

The very purpose of the Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy (MEDDE) is to promote the growth and adoption of more sustainable business practices. Naturally, then, MEDDE wanted to move its IT infrastructure in a more industrialized direction, where existing components and skills could be leveraged in place, without reinventing the wheel each time a new project appeared.

As part of this effort, MEDDE selected Talend Data Integration. As a result, MEDDE now spends less time and money tending to data integration and has instead devoted resources to 15 new strategic business intelligence projects.

Data collection is spread out over several months and covers 4.5 million homes. The dashboards are distributed to project managers or to regional cells and promote the monitoring of state funding for public housing. It provides departmental structures and the central administration with detailed data regarding construction (building permits, housing sizes, etc.), the public housing stock (type of housing, occupancy rates, etc.) and home improvement. This information is very useful for municipalities seeking to analyze the home and housing situation in their geographic scope.

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