« We’ve reduced our financial statement closing process by several weeks. Our business users access the analyses more easily than before. This helps them to improve day-to-day control. »

Damien Gillery, Information Systems Manager, Syndex


23 BUs et 2,500 assignments per year

400 to 500

reports produced every night

600 manpower-days

Productivity increase

Analyzing financial performance and controlling growth

Syndex is an accounting firm that has exclusively served employee representatives for nearly 50 years now. With more than 2,500 assignments per year and business spread out over 23 business units, financial statement closures used to be complex, resulting in the constant back-and-forth involvement of 50-70 company employees.

Syndex’s IT department decided to deploy Talend Data Integration to industrialize its data integration processes. By automating the production of daily reports, Syndex achieved a productivity gain estimated by the IT department at 600 manpower-days. Business users are able to access the analyses more easily than before, helping them to improve their day to-day control.

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