« In the past, Human Resource Departments used different tools for different HR functions. At Talend, we built a custom HR information system by connecting all the HR applications in the form of SaaS. »

François Avédian, Technical Director, MonPortailRH


Operating jobs


Reduction in infrastructure costs

50 K€

Savings of 50 K€ annually (1/2 administration resource)

Personalizing HR applications at SMEs in SaaS mode

For SME/mid-caps, installing a complete HR solution is cost prohibitive in terms of budget and resources. MonPortailRH is the first HR services platform dedicated to SME/mid-cap companies offering a completely free HR information system backbone, starting from €1 per month and per user. MonPortailRH’s offer runs the gamut of HR needs, through applications supplied in the form of SaaS, including the oversight of recruiting, expertise, expense slips, leaves, time and activity management, planning and resources, as well as training, talent and compensation. Since all the systems used store data differently, reliably compiling them was no easy task.

MonPortailRH opted for Talend Cloud to structure and integrate this data. The SaaS mode proposed by Talend enabled the MonPortailRH to cut costs by more than half. When it comes to development, MonPortailRH recognizes the opportunity to reuse jobs, saving a one half-resource per year (in other words, € 50 K).