« The digital context creates an increasing demand for product customization. To meet these challenges and innovate, we have deployed new tailor-made digital platforms for L’Oréal researchers, with Talend at the heart, to facilitate the management of more than 50 million pieces of data per day »

Philippe Benivay, IS Experimental Data Intelligence - L'Oréal R&I IT Team

7 billion products

manufactured worldwide

50 million data

per day

A precise management

of Research and Innovation projects

Redesigning the future of beauty with data

With more than 500 patents registered each year and 7 billion products manufactured worldwide, L’Oréal aims to cover all areas of beauty and the infinite diversity of consumer aspirations around the world. Speed is essential to process more than 50 million data per day, but it is not enough.

L’Oréal’s Research & Innovation relies on Talend and a cloud data lake in an Azure environment to collect, secure, and share research data, from product innovation to consumer evaluation.

Prodotti Talend utilizzati


Real-time Big Data

Tutta la velocità e la scalabilità dei Big Data, senza codificaDettagli del prodotto