« With Talend, we have been able to decode the Panama Papers, rapidly ‘connecting the dots’ between the corporate information for secret offshore companies and the people behind them. »

Mar Cabra, Head of the Data & Research Unit

210,000 offshore companies

A list of over 210,000 offshore companies across 21 jurisdictions

140 politicians

140 politicians from more than 50 countries connected to companies in tax havens

70 million page views

from countries all around the world

Revolutionizing investigative journalism with open data

Involving 2.6 TB of data and 11.5 million documents, the Panama Papers was the largest amount of leak files and cross-border investigation in journalism history. For one year, more than 400 reporters across 80 countries dived into this massive trove of information that exposed how the offshore economy works. Inside the leaked files were the secrets of high-level clients from the world’s leading firms.

There were many challenges, from processing millions of files in dozens of formats, to making the files available remotely through the cloud, to reconstructing the firm’s internal client database to discover who was involved. Talend Big Data was instrumental in overcoming many of these challenges and providing a consistent way to get new insight.

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