« With Talend, we analyze 1 terabyte of customer data in real time which helps us identify
trends as they emerge. »

Rafael Herrera, Head of BI International, Groupon GmbH

1TB of data

1TB of raw data processed in real time and stored every day

1K jobs

1,000 data integration jobs run every day using ETL processes

Every 5 min.

Every 5 minutes Talend updates the data warehouse with OLTP system data

Aligning marketing activities more closely with customer preferences

One of Groupon’s key challenges is processing the massive volume of data it uses to provide its social shopping service. Every day, the company has to process more than 1 terabyte of raw data in real time and store this information in various database systems.

To support corporate decision-making, social shopping site Groupon deployed Talend Data Integration. Every day, Groupon runs some 1,000 different data integration jobs involving ETL processes. Talend’s integration solution loads data in parallel to several databases, including the CRM, e-mail marketing and OLTP systems—into the data warehouse as rapidly as possible.

This aggregated data is then available to sales and marketing teams to align activities more closely with customer preferences.

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