« With Talend, besides getting product performance insights, we’re able to better target audiences and create a superior customer experience. »

Derek Barbara, Senior Manager of Business Applications, Sound United LLC

More targeted

More targeted marketing campaigns


Enhanced product performance


Improved demand planning and supply chain

Delighting music fans through inspired sound

D+M Group (now Sound United LLC) is a global company focused on developing audio/video products and services to meet the needs of customers in an increasingly digital world. Understanding its audience and creating a superior user experience is pivotal to D+M.

With wireless speakers‘product activation information, the company has a lot of potential data points to build audience profiles and understand what motivates its audience. The data is available. It was just a matter of integrating a wide range of data and tapping into the right sources.

Using Talend Data Integration AWS, Marketing receives the information on the use of streaming services and uses it to plan campaigns. The department responsible for inventory identifies how much inventory retail partners are selling, which improves supply chain planning.

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Data Quality

Migliora l'accuratezza e l'integrità dei dati con Talend Open Studio per la qualità dei datiDettagli del prodotto