« There is now a shared understanding across operations and strategy, business and IT, of what our data means. Now we trust the quality of the data we use to operate our facilities. »

Charles Link, Head of Data and Analytics

At least 10% savings per year

for maintenance activities alone

Guaranteed, consistent

data quality

Shared understanding

across business and IT of what data means

Ensuring data trust to drive business outcomes

Covanta, a global provider of sustainable waste to energy and environmental solutions, needed to optimize operational efficiency while maintaining the safety of its workers, generating clean electricity, and maintaining maximum uptime.

With the Covanta Data Hub, powered by Talend, IT can deliver the data quality needed for the business to have far greater confidence in its decisions.

Prodotti Talend utilizzati


Data Fabric

Un'unica e moderna piattaforma di dati per soddisfare ogni esigenza di integrazioneDettagli del prodottoRichiedi informazioni

Data Catalog

Crea e gestisci un data catalog centrale per trovare e condividere dati affidabili più velocementeDettagli del prodotto

Real-time Big Data

Tutta la velocità e la scalabilità dei Big Data, senza codificaDettagli del prodotto
Data Stewardship

Data Stewardship

Talend Data Stewardship makes it easy for anyone to curate and validate data through a simple, web-based UIDettagli del prodotto