Support statements

Product end-of-life planning

Versions prior to Talend 6 have reached End of Life.

Product support lifecycle:

When a new Major Release becomes GA, the previous release is Retired 18 months after this date. When a Minor Release becomes GA, the previous release, within a given major release, is Retired 12 months after this date.

Major release:

Major Releases (X.y.z) are vehicles for delivering major and minor feature development and enhancements to existing features. They incorporate all applicable defect corrections made in prior Major Releases, Minor Releases, Service Packs, and patches. Talend typically has one Major Release per year.

Minor release:

Minor Releases (x.Y.z) are vehicles for delivering minor feature developments, enhancements to existing features, and defect corrections. They incorporate all applicable defect corrections made in prior Minor Releases, Service Packs, and patches. Talend typically has 2 Minor Releases per year.

GA Generally Available software:

GA Software is available for sale and is fully supported in the Recommended Environments from the date upon which a product becomes GA Software, until the date it becomes Retired Software. Talend recommends that customers begin all new projects with GA Software and migrate existing applications to GA Software as soon as possible.

Retired software:

Retired Software is not available for general sale and will be supported for up to 18 months from the initial retirement date. Talend will no longer provide product enhancements for Retired Software. Talend recommends that Customers do not continue to develop new applications based on Retired Software. No new product key will be delivered except for existing customers for which the duration of the key shall not exceed end of life. Last Service Pack should be applied and upgrade to latest supported version should be planned.

End of life software:

End of Life Software is not available for sale or support by Talend. Talend Customer Service may consider providing support assistance for End of Life Software at an agreed upon fee. Talend strongly recommends that customers migrate to a fully supported version of the product as soon as possible to maintain the highest level of support for their applications and systems.

Problem severity

Support level agreement

Talend is committed to offering Support Services to its customers based on the response time guidelines indicated in the Response Time Table below. Response time depends on the support level (as further described below, “Gold”, “Platinum” or “Mission Critical”, collectively, as applicable, the “Support Level”) that Customer has purchased and for which appropriate fees have been paid as set forth on an applicable Order Form. Talend addresses problem resolutions through a number of mechanisms, including defining workarounds, developing Patches, or through an upcoming GA So ware release based on issue severity and priority. If a defect is identified in GA So ware, it will be logged by Talend Customer Services personnel, who will then coordinate with the development team to address the issue.

Scheduling of the defect resolution will be based on severity and priority. At Talend’s discretion, a Service Pack may be delivered, in cases of high severity or significant impact to multiple customers, where a workaround is not available. If at any time, you feel that you are not receiving a level of service that meets your expectations, you may ask to have your case escalated or ask to be contacted by Talend Customer Service management. Any Customer requested escalation receives direct management attention and consideration. Talend Customer Service personnel are committed to ensuring that you receive the quality support necessary to be successful.

Response time table

*Includes Talend Stitch Standard Plan
**Includes Talend Stitch Enterprise Plan

Regional business hours

Talend Support is available Monday through Friday during regional business hours, excluding local holidays. After-hours support for severity 1 issues is available to Mission Critical customers by contacting Talend’s support hotline.

Support coverage statement

As per Talend support policy, if you are a licensed customer…

*How-to questions are limited to general inquiries about Talend products and components. Job design, optimization, and best practices are considered outside of support scope.

Talend Cloud compatibility

The following table shows which Talend product versions are compatible with Talend Cloud.

Talend Studio 7.0 and lower versions are not supported. You need to migrate existing Jobs to the latest available version and republish them to Talend Cloud. Talend Studio 7.1 or higher is required to use Data Services and Routes with Talend Cloud API Services.