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With Talend our data-related costs drop and the customer experience improves because we're getting better at making the right customer decisions based on trusted data earlier.

Matt Steell

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Fuel better enterprise decision-making with unified data

35% improvement

in data quality and accuracy

40% improvement

in data integration velocity

Cost savings

by consolidating systems into a single stack

Office Depot Europe is a leading expert in workplace solutions. The company operates in seven countries through its two main brands: Viking, which offers business-to-business service via an omnichannel experience, and Office Depot, which operates multi-year contracts with large multinationals.

Over the past 15 years Office Depot Europe has acquired a robust mix of companies to better serve its customers. As a result, the data landscape of Office Depot Europe is vast, with customer and product data stored across a range of locations and applications. What the company needed was a solution to bring all their data together, help them understand where it came from, and make it useful for the business.

This siloed data led to massive inefficiencies around the company. Before implementing Talend, anyone in the organisation could access information, cherry-pick specific data, apply their own analytics, and present those results to senior decision makers.

Now that there is a single source of truth for all data, the company has been able to standardise data processes. Business leaders know that they can trust the reports they are given and rely on them for better, faster decision making.

Meanwhile, the company has been able to reduce the number of systems in the tech stack. “We're getting down to one platform for one job: one entry point for our customers to do their online purchasing, one order management system, one fulfilment system,” says Matt Steell, Director of Information and Integration Architecture. “That's where we’ve seen major cost savings out of the overall programme.”

By helping to support a culture of data throughout the organisation, Talend has helped Office Depot bring relevant information to users faster and do it at a lower cost.