« With 335 million parcels delivered a year, Talend and Datalytyx are helping us offer more personalized services in the face of ever-increasing competition in a growing, high volume market. »

Conroy Mallen, Architect at Hermes

16 weeks

to put the solution in place

15 minutes

to process incoming delivery instructions

Improved customer service

and reduced fraudulent claims for missing parcels

Accessing parcel delivery instructions in real time

Since 2009, Hermes Parcelnet has steadily grown its business to become second only to the Royal Mail in delivery volumes handling more than 335 million parcels each year. Millions of people depend upon the company to get their parcels delivered safely and on time every day, all year round. Thanks to the strong partnership between Talend, Datalytyx and AWS, Hermes Parcelnet found the best deployment model for their needs using high velocity cloud APIs and IoT data solutions.

Incoming delivery instructions can now be processed within 15 minutes, even when there are more than 1.5 million of these in a day. The UK parcel delivery company can now deliver real-time, accurate information of parcel delivery, with cleaned data about senders and recipients and has simultaneously improved its operations with greater insights on customer activity and business performance.

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