Enable Customers to Quickly and Simply Reap the Benefits of AWS
Redwood City, CA - 27 luglio 2015

The offering combines 47Lining’s deep AWS expertise and suite of services for big data strategy, design, DevOps and Cloud-Native implementation, with Talend Integration Cloud, a secure and hosted platform for connecting, cleansing, and transforming all cloud and on-premises data. The result helps dramatically simplify and speed up companies’ abilities to fully exploit the elasticity and price benefits of AWS and quickly turn vast data volumes into actionable business insight.

“This is an important collaboration that puts big data projects within reach of a far broader range of companies,” said Mick Bass, CEO, 47Lining. “Talend Integration Cloud along with our team of AWS master builders will make it easy for any size business to participate directly in big data processing and analytics without having to rely on armies of developers, ETL engineers, IT staff and multi-million dollar budgets.”

Talend and 47Lining offer a simple three-step process to enabling companies to leverage AWS. First 47Lining powers the deployment of a secure, scalable and highly available AWS platform. Next, using Talend Integration Cloud, company data is transformed from cloud sources and on-premises data warehouses into a RedShift cluster using S3 for staging. Finally, leveraging front end BI tools, 47Lining helps companies visualize their data for decision support and analysis.

“What we are really delivering is seamless integration and ease-of-use for customers across their entire Big Data warehouse workflow,” said Ciaran Dynes, vice president of products, Talend. “Our collaboration with 47Lining will introduce more organizations to the power and ease of Talend Integration Cloud, and enable them to quickly gain cloud elasticity and performance at a reasonable price.”

Talend Integration Cloud includes the powerful Talend Studio and new web-based designer tools to maximize productivity. More than 800 connectors and components simplify development of cloud-to-cloud and hybrid integration flows to deploy as governed integration services. Users can build simple or complex integration flows inside Talend Studio that connect, cleanse and transform data.

To learn more about Big Data Bootstrap visit http://www.47lining.com/big_data_bootstrap.html. To learn more about Talend Integration Cloud visit http://www.talend.com/products/integration-cloud.


About 47Lining

47Lining is a Talend and Amazon Web Services Advanced Consulting Partner that assists customers with strategy, Cloud-native software development and DevOps. Their specialty is building solutions for large data payloads and big data. Every cloud has a silver lining, and 47 is the atomic number of silver. 47Lining is privately-held and headquartered in Boulder, CO. For more information, please visit www.47lining.com and follow on Twitter: @47Lining.