« Our migration project was extremely complex. If something had gone wrong, we
would have shut down the whole bank. With Talend, everything ran perfectly
from day one. »

Jan Penné, Systems Architect, Landesbank Berlin AG

2TB of data

2TB of data generated and processed daily

1K+ interfaces

1,000+ interfaces implemented as Java executables

1 process

1 process for all information logistics and interfacing

Modernizing the core banking system

In order to cope with ever-rising account data volumes, LBB wanted to modernize its existing core banking system. Implementing a new system, however, is the equivalent of open heart surgery for a bank. It requires thorough advance preparation, and the changeover must be executed flawlessly—or the entire bank will come to a standstill.

LBB ‘s migration project was extremely complex and took approximately three years to implement. In 2011, LBB successfully completed this challenging migration project using Talend Data Services/ESB.

Talend technology was a key success factor. The bank now has a uniform integration platform for all its data and applications, as well as a streamlined workflow and a reliable system for processing around 2TB of data daily.