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It used to take us two to three days to get data from a new source into Snowflake; now, we get it done in under an hour. Stitch gives us more time to focus on the quality of data, where the business gets the most value.

Christian Hoyt

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Provide a platform for growth by integrating multiple data sources

10 minutes

to set up new integrations

Enhanced protection

of personal data (PII)

Digital insurance provider Metromile offers real-time, auto policies personalised by the miles driven. As a rapidly scaling technology company, Metromile found its analytics function limited by data scattered in disparate systems. “Querying our data sources was sometimes a difficult process. We had some rough times bringing all the data together,” says Christian Hoyt, Staff Data Engineer at Metromile.

After evaluating other data integration solutions, Metromile concluded that Stitch Enterprise offered the scalability required at a data-focused company plus the ease of use they expected. The combination of usability at scale and needed control made Stitch the best fit for the data team at Metromile. “With Stitch and Snowflake, we could answer a lot of business questions without reengineering the systems. Stitch enables us to focus on high-value activities like acquiring more sources of data.”

With Stitch powering insights into new data sources, the Metromile team rapidly understood the impact of new ventures. For instance, Hoyt says the company recently invented a new type of auto insurance called fractional insurance through a partnership with Turo, a car-sharing marketplace. To track the product’s impact, the data team used Stitch to analyse its internal database into Snowflake and track the performance of the new offering. Of connecting the partnership data with Stitch, Hoyt says, “We basically just turned it on. Integrating all the data into the data warehouse for analytics was a quick turnaround, so we could understand how the partnership was going quickly.”

Hoyt says, “It can be hard to find two different technologies that work well hand in hand. Stitch plus Snowflake works really well.”