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APIs with Talend allow us to simplify and speed up all of our processes, putting all our energy into the service of children’s education and development.

Benoit Lamezec

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Simplify data processes and put the focus where it belongs: on children and families

60% increase

in requests for child day care centres

Streamlined registration

in just a few clicks for what used to be a 100-page form

6,000 applications per month

in a highly competitive recruitment marketplace

The Babilou Family Group is the fifth largest international network of corporate daycare centres, taking care of over 50,000 families in 12 countries every day. “Knowing that 85% of a child's brain development occurs between newborn and 5 years of age, the time in daycare goes far beyond the simple issue of childcare. First and foremost, we are in the education business, and the most important thing for us is to offer quality daycare and innovative educational objectives,” says Babilou Family's Chief Digital Officer, Benoit Lamezec.

In just six months, Babilou Family was able to create a parent space on its France website which it uses to manage all communications between parents and daycare centres to broaden its connection to families. This initiative to empower parents enables daycare centre personnel to focus on teaching and on giving their full attention to the children in their care.

The enrolment process has also been made completely digital and simple thanks to an online form that uses APIs to display data. “We went from about a hundred pages to a single enrolment form and from seven signatures to just one,” says Florian Petitjean, Head of Data Flow Architecture. “Other services are also available by way of a mobile app, enabling parents to observe special moments in their children's lives through photos, calendar, updates, and more, delivered by Babilou Family's early childhood daycare professionals.”

Benoit Lamezec concludes: “With Talend, meeting the demands of the business is no longer a problem. This way, we can concentrate on service quality. And this is, indeed, what our project is all about: offering families, employees, and our partners services that make their lives easier.”