Talend Introduces Industry-First Measure of Data Health to Bring Clarity and Confidence to Every Business Decision

Talend Data Fabric ensures the reliability and accuracy of data to help companies run on trusted data

Redwood City, CA  - September 14, 2020 - Talend, a global leader in data integration and data integrity, announced today a significant update to Talend Data Fabric, a single platform that delivers complete, clean and uncompromised data in real time. The new release will focus on advanced capabilities within the Talend Trust ScoreTM, which instantly assesses the reliability of an organization’s data.  With this update, Talend will provide the industry’s first measure of data health that intelligently diagnoses and resolves data integrity issues in multi-cloud, hybrid and on-premise environments. Talend Trust Score will help companies confidently use their data to make decisions quickly that drive revenue, innovate faster,  and reduce cost and risk.

Because data assessed by the Talend Trust Score will be indexed, optimized and ready to use, it will help accelerate cloud migrations and keep businesses operational, improve data science and analytics and operational use cases,  and comply with data governance initiatives. As part of Talend Data Fabric, advancements in the Talend Trust Score include:

  • Trust any data at first glance: With Talend Trust Score, datasets are all automatically indexed with a crawler to give organizations a complete picture of their data health before they start using it. Data can be assessed in multi-cloud, on prem, and hybrid environments, including cloud data warehouse and data lakes offerings from industry leading companies.
  • Explainable trust and resolution: The Trust Score exposes the dimensions used to calculate data trust, allowing organizations to understand how data was measured. These dimensions include validity, popularity, completeness, discoverability, and usage. Talend Data Fabric also automatically resolves data problems by recommending the appropriate transformations using semantic awareness.
  • Incorporation of artificial intelligence (AI) and human expertise: Talend Trust Score blends the best of advanced AI and human expertise to build context around data and give a complete picture of data health.

“Without question, data trust is a must when it comes to making decisions that directly impact employee well-being and overall safety,” said Charles Link, Director of Data and Analytics, Covanta. “We manage a real-time data supply chain from over 40 faciliites and having automated, reliable data is essential to our day to day operations.  Talend Data Fabric with the Talend Trust Score provides us with an accessible and complete data platform we can trust.”

“Today, as more industries rely on data to drive business growth — many say they strive to be data driven, but in reality, they have unreliable data health,” said Stewart Bond, Research Director, Data Integration and Data Intelligence Software, IDC. “Businesses attempting to discern whether data is dated, unreliable, inaccurate, or limited lose time and quality in their decision making process, potentially costing them revenue. Now more than ever, having trustworthy data is critical to success. The Talend Trust Score is built to give organizations the data confidence they need to make swift and informed decisions.”

Talend Trust Score is part of Talend Data Fabric, the only data integration and integrity platform that simplifies all aspects of working with data for analysis and use, driving critical business outcomes. Talend Data Fabric includes a suite of apps to ensure enterprise data is complete, clean, compliant, and readily available to everyone who needs it throughout the organization.

“Talend Trust Score enables enterprises to operate with confidence in their data, and dramatically improve the reliability and accuracy of real-time decision making,” said Ciaran Dynes, SVP Products, Talend. “With this release, Talend furthers its commitment to providing organizations with the data integrity necessary to remain competitive in today’s data driven market.”

Talend Data Fabric’s new features in the Talend Trust Score will be available starting in Q4. To learn more and experience its effectiveness firsthand, try out the Talend Trust Assessor, a free tool which provides an environment to verify some of the Trust Score capabilities with any set of data.