« As a fashion retailer, we must sell every article of clothing possible. Talend enables us to react rapidly to changing market conditions. We need it in order to survive »

Stefan Rahner, Head of Software Development, Popken Fashion Group

340,000 messages

transferred daily (600,000 messages soon)

Seconds instead of hours or days

to distribute, transform, and exchange data

Near real-time data exchange

allowing for fast response to a changing market

Thriving in a tough market with near real-time data interchange

The Popken Fashion Group is an international, family-run fashion company specializing in plus-size fashion. Speed matters in the competitive retail market where companies must respond quickly to changing conditions and added distribution channels. With QuinScape and Talend, Popken implemented a data hub to connect systems and share information easily in an API environment.

Talend has transformed how Popken exchanges data with many entities and systems, including 190 suppliers in 21 countries, 540 retail stores, and five connected marketplaces. It also allows the retailer to track all information in one central view. These capabilities benefit not only software development, but the overall operations of the company—improving sales and marketing efficiency and increasing sales of the company’s approximately 9,000 articles of clothing.

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