« With Talend, we monitor behavior patterns and adjust our offering accordingly. »

Michael Schulz, Data Warehouse Manager, mobile.de

> 1.4M vehicles

More than 1.4 million vehicle listings

65M visitors

65 million visitors’ metrics are generated much faster each month


Extensive Talend consulting partners network

Meeting sellers more easily through the automotive exchange platform

mobile.de was feeding data into its SAP data warehouse, but the solution did not support all the company’s databases and operating systems, which meant useful data was left out, and the process was too slow.

To evaluate alternatives, mobile.de performed a successful three-month test using Talend for data integration processes. Talend met another important criterion by having a wider range of service providers with development experience on its platform than were available for the previous solution.

mobile.de deployed Talend Data Services/ESB to load data into three data warehouses. mobile.de now gets far more exact information on such critical data points as revenue, site visitors, and visitor behavior—and gets it much faster than previously.

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