« Our billing process took days but now, thanks to Talend, it happens automatically. »

John Holley, Head of ICTS, Manukau Institute of Technology

6 months

6 months to have the new platform in place and operational


Automated data collection; it used to take days to collect billing data across 11 campuses

Streamlining an internal billing system

Manukau Institute of Technology provides education services to more than 18,000 New Zealand students. The institute wanted to be able to extract data from its student management system, financial applications and other sources to support business intelligence analytics, however the existing complexity meant this was virtually impossible.

In mid-2015, the institute’s IT team realised deploying a new integration platform was the only way in which the plans could be realised. After reviewing a number of alternatives on the market, the team selected Talend Data Integration.

One of the first projects undertaken by the Manukau IT team was the streamlining of an internal billing system. Previously, usage data had to be laboriously collected from printers across the Institute’s 11 campuses and entered into a central finance application to allow bills to be generated. Now it happens automatically.

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