« Talend plays a crucial role in our controlling and reporting tasks and allows us to develop our reporting on a step-by-step basis. »

Michael Ludwig, Information Systems and Organization, Process Engineering, Harry-Brot GmbH

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5 main systems integrated with data warehouse


Free data connector for SAP system


Better decision support with in-depth, data-based reporting

Data integration for fresh bread—every day

Harry-Brot had the data it needed for management decision-support, but the problem was how to get at it: Should they access the production systems directly, or add an intermediate layer and access data extracts? To solve the problem, the company decided to build a central data warehouse and use an ETL tool to populate it with data from its five main systems.

Working with its long-time IT partner CIMT AG, the company selected Talend Data Integration to access master data from its SAP system and to gather product-related customer feedback via an internal SAP-supported workflow system.

In the final analysis, Talend was much more cost-effective than the proprietary solution the company also considered, in addition to offering superior flexibility and scalability.

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