« Our ad requests produce more than 5 million monthly conversions. With Talend, we can quickly determine how well our advertisers and publishers are doing. »

Greg Lontok, VP, Data Science at GlobalWide Media

60B ad requests

60 billion ad requests per day from over 240,000 websites

5M conversions

5 million monthly conversions and $3 billion in annual sales for the company’s clients

Mins. to seconds

From 30 minutes to seconds to gain better visibility into all the impressions, clicks, and conversions

Getting up-to-the-second campaign insights

Competition amongst media agencies is intense. To ensure continued excellence in targeting audiences and helping customers build brand awareness, GlobalWide Media collects critical data with each captured conversion. Of course, processing and leveraging such a high volume of data is not easy.

GlobalWide Media and Pacific ERP kicked off the Talend Data Integration implementation in the fall of 2014.

The company is now able to gain better and faster visibility into all the impressions, clicks, and conversions it captures, so it can quickly determine how well its advertisers and affiliates are doing—and then use that insight to shape its services and customer lifecycles.

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