« With Talend, we can ensure prompt customer service for claims processing, exceeding SLAs for turnaround times and compliance standards. »

Sunder Bharadwajan, EDI Services Software Manager, GE Healthcare

1B transactions

1 billion transactions per year processed via EDI for healthcare

40K more

40,000 more transactions now handled by data center each hour

126 payers

126 payers’ transactions now processed faster

Discovering new life for claim data

A unit of General Electric Company, GE Healthcare’s EDI Services deal with three types of core data: Healthcare claims, healthcare remits and healthcare eligibility. The challenge is to ensure prompt customer service for claims processing.

Notified that its Oracle eGate integration engine was being put on the end-of-life list, GE Healthcare decided to deploy Talend Data Services/ESB, primarily because of its open source technology and because Talend gave the organization the control it needed to support its existing architecture.

Helping ensure a smooth transition, Talend and its consulting teams have enabled GE to support its X12 format and proprietary data formats. The migration process is meeting GE Healthcare’s three main goals: zero disruption to customers, meeting or exceeding SLAs for claims turnaround times and compliance standards, and providing the ability to scale and process more transactions.

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