« Without this underlying technology, we’d struggle to operate and meet our business commitments, and also risk financial penalties from regulators. »

David Clifton, Enterprise Solutions Architect, Affinity Water


More effective IT operations

Avoiding financial penalties

from regulators and meeting business commitments

From days to minutes

speeding up report delivery

Understanding assets and better meet regulatory and customer demands

Employing 2,000 people, Affinity Water supplies 900 million litres of water daily to 3.6 million domestic and business customers in three English regions and has to deal with ever-increasing demand while combating water scarcity and drought. This is where Amazon Web Services (AWS), Talend Data Management and Datalytyx expertise come in. The solution collects data from multiple sources including Internet-connected smartmeters, loading it into a data lake structure for ease of management and analytics.

Using Talend and AWS Redshift means business teams can now execute reports in minutes rather than hours or even days. With automated meter reading and smart metering, Affinity Water can understand real-time events on the delivery network, to trace and fix leaks faster and reduce customer bills while meeting regulatory and customer demands. Affinity Waters is also exploring the Data Quality side of Talend, not least in light of future Data Governance programmes and impending cyber and data security commitments.

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