With Talend, we manage all of our logistics flow in real time, from collection to waste recovery, which allows us to measure service efficiency and evaluate
optimization scenarios

Eric Blanchot, CIO, Veolia Recyclage & Valorisation des déchets.

Threefold reduction

Time and cost of developing interfaces


of the plant availability and of the utilization rate of trucks

Customized reports

sent regularly to the business’s various departments

Recycling waste to reduce its impact on the environment

Fifty-two million tons of waste are treated every day on behalf of 50 million of France’s citizens. Veolia Recyclage & Valorisation des Déchets runs 637 treatment units that have been adapted to attain a recovery rate of up to 95%. Each office and regional branch was using its own data warehouse and repository. In this scenario, it was impossible to have a consolidated picture of France as a whole and to compare the regions.

Since 2010, Veolia’s waste recycling and recovery operations have relied on Talend to create a data warehouse whose purpose is to help management optimize decision-making. Everybody is responsible for their data. Talend Data Quality helped to “clean” the data at source. Finally, with Talend MDM, Veolia Recyclage et Valorisation des déchets has created a common repository of operational data for materials, equipment, sites and services. A total of 3,000 users from all of the departments are tracking indicators to measure the performance of recycling sites.

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