Talend Big Data Developer
Professional Exam

Talend Professional credential exams utilize a lab-based hands-on project to measure a candidate’s ability to implement complex use cases. Preparation is critical to passing. In addition to earning the required credential and taking the recommended courses, Talend expects familiarity with public documentation, and recommends 12 months of on-the-job experience with the product.

This exam covers topics related to the design and implementation of Big Data Spark Batch Jobs in Talend Studio. Topics include:

  • Configuring metadata and context groups
  • Deduplicating data
  • Preparing and loading data into Hive tables
  • Configuring a learning machine model based on the ALS algorithm
  • Orchestrating Jobs execution
  • Running Jobs with Production data


Recommended experience

We also recommend:

  • Reviewing basic ALS algorithm knowledge
  • Reviewing basic Hive table structure knowledge
  • Reading product documentation and knowledge base articles on Talend Community
  • Acquiring experience by using the product for at least 12 months

Note that candidates who have not completed the prerequisite credential above will not be allowed to take the exam.