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Talend Launches Technology Alliance Initiative

Talend has launched a technology alliance program as part of an effort to make it simpler for partners to craft solutions that combine the company’s application and data integration software and services with third-party offerings.
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Using Technology to Stay Relevant in the Age of AI

Talend CIO, Eric Johnson, says that artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are the next big transformative technologies to take the tech market by storm. 
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Gartner Names Winners of 2019 Voice of the Customer for Data Integration Tools

Talend have been awarded Gartner’s Customer Choice delineation for 2019 with 84% of users noting they are very likely to recommend the product (third-most of any vendor covered).
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Forbes company logoForbes company logo And Tableau: Tech Pros Weigh In On The Monster Deal

Michael Pickett, SVP of Business Development and Ecosystem at Talend, comments on the recent acquisition of Tableau by Salesforce.
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Looker + Google: How The Deal Will Rock The BI World

Jake Stein, SVP at Talend, shares insight on the recent Google acquisition of Looker.
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Navigating the compliance storm: Talend on tricky GDPR issues and how to solve them

Talend's senior director of data governance, Jean-Michel Franco, talks about the current state of GDPR and what organizations are still struggling with.
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Talend Cloud Adds Pipeline Designer To Empower More Users To Easily Build Flexible, Fast End-to-End Data Pipelines

Talend announces additional features to its iPaaS cloud integration offering to make it faster and easier to create end-to-end data pipelines. 
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6 Takeaways From GDPR's First Year

Talend's Senior Director of Product Marketing, Jean-Michel Franco, sheds light on how the US is stacking up on year after General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has been in effect.
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GDPR one year later: Slow compliance, lax enforcement

It’s been one year since the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) went into effect. Jean-Michel Franco, Senior Director of Product Marketing at Talend shares insight into how the US is measuring up after year one. 
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Talend champions OpenAPI-ness

Talend announces that it now supports OpenAPI specification (OAS) version 3.0 with its Talend Data Fabric product.
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