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'What's your purpose?' Big tech's 7 favorite interview questions

Talend's COO and CTO, Laurent Bride, shares how he taps into a diversity of traits and skills during the hiring process to build a strong culture. 
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Talend offers automated migration to cloud data warehouse

Talend announced the addition of automated migration from on-premises and legacy data warehouses and extract, transform, load environments to Snowflake and Talend Cloud's data integration platform.
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Big Data Career Notes: September 2019 Edition

Talend has announced that it has appointed Lauren Vaccarello as Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). 
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Data Privacy Regulations’ Implications on AI

Investment in artificial intelligence (AI) is growing, with 60% of adopters raising their budgets 50% year over year, according to Constellation Research. Talend's VP of Product Marketing, Richa Dhanda, shares how to ensure your implementation of AI applications are compliant with regulatory requirements.
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Behind the Buzzword: The Reality of Real Time

To strategically control and analyze data, companies need to know which version of real time works for them. Talend's SVP of Stitch, Jake Stein, shares how not to get caught up in the hype.
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Data integration problems a hurdle companies must overcome

As organizations try to analyze the vast amounts information they've collected, they need to overcome data integration problems before they can extract meaningful insights. Talend CEO Mike Tuchen shares insight into how to overcome these problems.
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Talend CEO discusses importance of mining relevant data

Enterprises can't do good business intelligence without good data. In the first part of a two-part Q&A Talend CEO Mike Tuchen talks about how hard mining the right data can be.
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Many throats to choke: For better or worse, multiple clouds are here to stay

Talend's CEO, Mike Tuchen, says cloud is big enough and broad enough that it doesn't behave as we've seen platform markets behave in the past.
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How To Raise Your First Series A Round

Talend SVP, Jake Stein, discusses his experience with raising a series A and the usefulness of being rigorous about where you are now, where you need to go, and when you will switch pace in the process.
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Now Is the Time to Future-Proof Your Data Privacy

Data integration specialists at Talend have outline a 16 step approach that dovetails with specific articles of GDPR legislation where your company might be falling short. 
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