Talend Change Data Capture

Move data faster by replicating only the most recent changes

Unleash real-time data replication

Getting a large volume of data from diverse sources into a centralised data lake or warehouse can be a clunky process involving lost data, painful hand-coding, and delayed insights. Talend Change Data Capture provides teams with real-time, non-intrusive, enterprise-grade CDC capabilities that work end-to-end in any hybrid or multi-cloud environment.

Modernise your data stack

Without easy-to-use tools to process it, the sheer volume of data available to most businesses can pose a barrier to getting real value from it. By providing automated, low-code data replication with flexible support for unidirectional, bi-directional, and broadcast models, Talend Change Data Capture streamlines data modernisation.

Get insights in real time

Limited access to up-to-date data keeps teams from applying insights in real time. Talend Change Data Capture gives organisations all the advantages of faster, easier data replication — with a non-intrusive integration on a single, end-to-end platform for better speed and control.

Meet the demand for immediate action

When teams have to wait hours — or days — for access to the freshest data, agility takes a hit. By providing faster access to better data, Talend Change Data Capture helps every team instantly respond to business needs.

Team with a Magic Quadrant Leader

See why Qlik and Talend are a Leader in the Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Data Integration Tools.

Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Integration Tools graph with Talend in the Leader quadrantGartner Magic Quadrant for Data Integration Tools graph with Talend in the Leader quadrant

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