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Elevating customer experience using Talend Change Data Capture

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We needed a way to provide customers with the instant delivery updates they expect. With Talend CDC, our real-time data delights our customers – we’re faster and more efficient than ever.

Nathalie Mandjee

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Immediate access

to up-to-date information

Agile business intelligence

that adapts to new needs

Informed decisions

driven by reliable data

Last-mile delivery service GEODIS | Distribution & Express handles the 24 to 48-hour delivery of over 100 million parcels annually across Europe. With a growing customer base wanting faster tracking and delivery updates, their data management team had a tall order to fill.

Nathalie Mandjee, BI Manager at GEODIS | Distribution & Express, explains, "Customers expect more responsiveness in their search for information: they want to know — every hour or two — the status of their orders, the status of their deliveries, where the drivers are, and when they will arrive."

Stale, day-old analytics weren’t yielding the lightning-fast information customers demanded and couldn’t provide the insights needed for internal resource allocation or performance monitoring. In addition, the stagnant data powering the team’s business intelligence was sabotaging their operational efficiency and falling short of their customers’ evolving needs. They needed a solution that could provide reliable, fresh data in real time, providing on-the-spot data for their customers and employees alike.

Using Talend Change Data Capture, GEODIS | Distribution & Express was able to drastically improve their time to value, making information available to customers and employees faster than ever.

"Talend CDC’s ability to replicate data while also being non-intrusive is unparallelled,” Mandjee explains. “But above all, we’ve been most impressed with Talend CDC’s ability to deliver truly useful, fresh data with speed, agility, and cross-team alignment. This has not only been a point of competitive differentiation, but a complete game-changer for us!"

With business intelligence powered by fresh, reliable data, internal users are able to retrieve data and act on those insights faster than ever before. "With Talend CDC, all new information that appears in the source can be used in almost real time,” Mandjee elaborates. “This allows us to respond to new BI requests that arise within our teams with greater flexibility and agility."

With Talend CDC, GEODIS | Distribution & Express is able to make informed decisions with reliable data at all levels of the business, while delivering customers the real-time updates they need. This opens up a whole new world of possibilities for Mandjee and the team. “We are just at the beginning of the process, but with the Talend CDC team in close proximity and scaling as we do, we’re confident we can deliver.”