Talend Introduces Fast, Frictionless Data Loading for Microsoft Azure

Stitch Data Loader Enables Developers to Ingest Data for Analysis in Minutes

Redwood City, CA - February 7, 2019 - Talend, a global leader in cloud data integration software, today announced that Stitch Data Loader now supports Microsoft Azure's SQL Data Warehouse, providing one of the easiest ways for users to get data into a fast, flexible and secure cloud data warehouse. Available now, this purpose-built integration rapidly ingests data from popular sources.

Stitch Data Loader can move data from 90+ data sources in minutes into Microsoft Azure SQL Data Warehouse. The new connector leverages Azure Blob Storage and PolyBase to get data into Azure Cloud and quickly loads it into Azure SQL Data Warehouse. Data type transformation between source and destination, schema changes, security, and bulk loading are all handled seamlessly by Stitch Data Loader. A flexible scheduler allows users to keep their cloud data continuously up to date with built-in replication features.

With just a few clicks, companies can easily ingest data and scale with Stitch Data Loader through a frictionless, easy to try, easy to buy process, without needing to talk to a sales person or sign a long-term contract. With the free version of Stitch Data Loader, customers can load 5 million rows per month into Azure SQL Data Warehouse from many popular data sources. Stitch Data Loader connects to SaaS applications, databases, and cloud data sources like Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, MySQL, Salesforce, Stripe, and more. It also powers data ingestion for analytics, business intelligence, machine learning, data science, and automatically scales as data volume grows with nothing to configure, deploy, or maintain.

“This is the biggest advancement to our product since we joined Talend, and it signifies our commitment to Microsoft Azure,” said Jake Stein, SVP Stitch at Talend. “Through the self-service cloud data ingestion capabilities of Stitch Data Loader, we make it easier for companies of any size to benefit from seamless onboarding and data ingest, while leveraging data analytics and reporting in Azure SQL Data Warehouse to optimize business outcomes.”

Azure SQL Data Warehouse is a cloud analytics platform that separates storage and compute to give unique flexibility in deploying a solution for a user’s specific business requirements. This also allows users to stop and start job execution, while keeping data storage persistent. As a result, the solution ensures customers pay only for compute time and resources used.

Stitch Data Loader is a component of the Talend Data Fabric, a suite of cloud apps designed to help customers collect, govern, transform and share data and insights. Talend customers can use Stitch Data Loader to begin collecting data with the confidence that Talend can help them solve all of their data integration needs. In addition to Azure SQL Data Warehouse, Talend Cloud provides native Azure connectors for Azure Table Storage, Azure Blob Storage, Azure Queue Storage, Azure Data Lake Store, and Azure Cosmos DB.

For more information visit the Talend blog, or to start your free trial of Stitch today and load data into Azure SQL Data Warehouse in minutes, click here.

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