Talend Adds New Asia Pacific Cloud Data Infrastructure to Meet Increasing Regional Demand for Talend Cloud

Enabling APAC Enterprises to Leverage Data Value While Meeting Strict Local Data Residency, Privacy, and Scalability Requirements

Redwood City, CA & Tokyo - October 8, 2018 - Talend, a global leader in cloud data integration solutions, today announced it is supporting Talend Cloud’s expansion and growth in Asia Pacific (APAC) with new regional cloud data infrastructure. With growth exceeding 100 percent year over year in APAC, Talend is helping the region's enterprises put more diverse data, applications, and APIs to work while addressing data privacy, residency, and performance requirements. Talend Cloud provides a single platform for data integration across cloud and on-premises environments, and allows for greater collaboration between IT and business teams.

Talend's new regional cloud infrastructure is built on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and supports Talend Cloud in the AWS Asia Pacific (Tokyo) region with AWS Asia Pacific (Singapore) region serving as the backup.

In today’s digital transformation journey, Talend customers are moving to the cloud to improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, and increase data availability. Talend Cloud enables customer adoption of high-volume data, real-time advanced analytics, data lakes, data warehouses, and self-service applications. New regulations and data privacy laws increasingly impose the localization of data in the country of processing, which requires the implementation of local solutions for data integration.

There are several benefits for Talend Cloud customers with this launch:

  • Better local performance: For customers who are using Talend Cloud services in the APAC region, the new cloud infrastructure will lead to faster performance with higher throughput and lower latency.
  • Improved data security with proximity: Maintaining data within the APAC region means the data does not have to make a long trip outside of the region, which can reduce the risk of data security breaches in transit and ease companies’ worries about security measures.
  • Reduced compliance and operational risk: The new cloud data infrastructure offers an instance of Talend Cloud that is deployed independently in APAC, which is vital for allowing customers to maintain high standards regarding data residency, security, and operational best practices. As industry and government regulations evolve, Talend Cloud customers will be able to maintain flexibility to keep up with the changes.

"Our expansion in APAC reinforces our commitment to supporting customers wherever they operate around the world,” said Ciaran Dynes, SVP Products, Talend. "We see strong customer interest in data lakes, analytics, and machine learning on AWS and building Talend Cloud on AWS allows us to address demand around the world.”

Talend Cloud is a highly secure and scalable Integration Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS) that helps organizations put more data to work by increasing its availability, quality, and value. Talend’s native, portable, and unified data platform provides the performance, governance, and collaboration required for companies to liberate their data, so everyone can trust it and use it to drive business value.

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