Data Integration Entry Level

Moderno software per l’integrazione dei dati con funzionalità di governance e collaborazione integrate.

Risposta più rapida alle esigenze di integrazione dei dati della tua azienda

Il software Talend Data Integration Entry Level è una moderna piattaforma di integrazione dei dati per database relazionali, file flat, app nel cloud e piattaforme, basata su un’architettura aperta e scalabile. Offre efficaci funzionalità ETL, che includono i nostri 900 connettori e componenti, oltre a funzionalità di collaborazione e pianificazione. 

Se stai cercando una soluzione per la qualità dei dati o il supporto per Hadoop, dovresti prendere in considerazione la nostra Talend Data Management Platform o i nostri prodotti Talend Big Data.

Data Integration Entry Level Funzionalità

License and Support

  • Subscription license with warranty and indemnification
  • 2 free Data Preparation and 2 free Data Stewardship licenses with any Talend subscription
  • Available as cloud service and downloadable software
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Design and Productivity Tools

  • Graphical design environment
  • Team collaboration with shared repository
  • Continuous integration / Continuous delivery
  • Audit, job compare, impact analysis, testing, debugging, and tuning
  • Metadata bridge for metadata import/export and centralized metadata management
  • Distant run and parallelization
  • Dynamic schema, re-usable joblets, and reference projects
  • ETL and ELT support
  • Wizards and interactive data viewer
  • Versioning
  • Export and execute standalone jobs in runtime environments
  • Change data capture (CDC)
  • Automatic documentation
  • Cloud Pipeline Designer
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  • Cloud: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and more
  • RDBMS: Oracle, Teradata, Microsoft SQL server, and more
  • SaaS: Marketo, Salesforce, NetSuite, and more
  • Packaged Apps: SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Sugar CRM, and more
  • Technologies: Dropbox, Box, SMTP, FTP/SFTP, LDAP, and more
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  • File management: open, move, compress, decompress without scripting
  • Control and orchestrate data flows and data integrations with master jobs
  • Map, aggregate, sort, enrich, and merge data
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Data Preparation and Stewardship

  • 2 free licenses with subscription
  • Import, export, and combine data from any database, Excel or CSV file
  • Import, export and combine CSV, Parquet and AVRO files**
  • Export to Tableau
  • Self-service on-demand access to sanctioned datasets
  • Share data preparations and datasets
  • Operationalize preparations into any data or big data integration flow
  • Run preparations on Apache Beam*
  • Customization of semantic type for auto-profiling and standardization
  • Smart and selective sampling and full-runs
  • Data tracking and masking with role-based security
  • Cleansing and enrichment functions
  • Data Stewardship App for data curation and certification
  • Define data models, data semantics and profile data accordingly. Define and apply rules
  • Merge and match data, resolve data errors, and arbitrate on data (classification and certification)
  • Orchestrate and collaborate on activities in campaigns
  • Define user roles, workflows and priorities, assign and delegate tasks, tag and comment
  • Embed governance and stewardship in data integration flows and manage rejects
  • Embed human certification and error resolution into MDM processes
  • Take matching decisions that cannot be processed automatically
  • De-duplicate data at scale with machine learning
  • Audit and track data error resolution actions. Monitor progress of campaigns. Undo/redo based on business needs
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Management and Monitoring

  • Deployment manager and team collaboration
  • Manage users, groups, roles, projects, and licenses
  • Manage execution engines
  • Execution plan, time, and event-based scheduler for jobs
  • Check points, error recovery
  • Context management (dev, QA, prod)
  • Log collection and display
  • Job execution log history (2 months for Entry products, 3 months for Platforms)*
  • Environments (2 for Entry products, unlimited for Platforms)*
  • Cloud Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), Intrusion Detection System (IDS), Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) and Web Application Firewall (WAF)
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