« With Talend, Keolis is able to offer smart services by bringing together the three basic steps in a traveler’s trip: finding the right routes, buying tickets and validating them. »

Emmanuel Yon, CIO, Keolis

3 billion travelers

Real time mobility for 3 billion travelers

2,5 million

messages sent each day

500 feeds

from 70 systems, 1/3 in real time

Providing the best customer route

Keolis is the world leader in trams and automated metros, and transports 3 billion passengers annually, across 16 countries.
From Hyderabad to Melbourne, Keolis’ 56,300 employees share the same values: “We Imagine, We Care, We Commit”.
These values are an intrinsic part of the Group’s culture and history, and the heart of its DNA. They unite all teams as part of a “One Keolis” approach, focused on the satisfaction of passengers and public transport authorities.

Passengers are increasingly connected and regions are searching for more sustainable mobility solutions. Using Talend, Keolis can understand passengers in all their diversity and offer smart services which bring together in a single mobile application the three essential steps to the traveler’s day: finding the right route (Plan), buying his ticket (Book) and validating it (Ticket). This approach is called the “PlanBookTicket”.

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