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Inside the data hub at Petronas

Organisations have been using data for decades to gain insight in making decisions. IT has enabled modern services like e-commerce and fintech, as well as emerging industries like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and smart manufacturing.
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Christal Bemont, Talend CEO: Show up as yourself

Christal Bemont, CEO of data management firm Talend, reflects on coming through difficult times in solidarity with co-workers, and how data quality assumes a heightened significance in the digital era.
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Making data health a way of life with Talend

Understanding how best to use data and how to allow employees to work with it takes a pervasive and continuous approach.
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The Importance of Humanized Autonomous Decision-Making in AI

Advanced automation technologies like artificial intelligence, coupled with data generated from the internet, smart devices and social networks, are making it easier than ever to off-load real-time decision making from humans to algorithms.
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Western Union looks to improve data quality with Talend

Thomas Mazzaferro, chief data officer at Western Union, outlines the financial services company's approach to cloud data migration and how Talend fits into the data architecture.
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Talend Fall ’21 targets healthier data

Talend has announced its Fall ’21 release. Key among the announcements is the focus on healthier data, something that organisations continue to struggle with.
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Talend introduces continuous data quality monitoring and Snowflake integration

Talend Inc. today is stepping up its efforts to promote its concept of data health – a combination of validity, popularity, completeness, discoverability and usage – with a new range of services and features built on top of its data integration platform.
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Marketing's Cookie Jar Is Almost Empty, Byline by Lauren Vaccarello

Tips for a better data-driven strategy
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The Importance of Data Health in Customer 360 Data

To remedy the shortcomings felt by most businesses today towards their data, Talend believes in the term “Data Health.” Data heath is “how well a company’s data supports business objectives” and consists of both data quality and data trust. Stu notes that even with the benefits of data insights, organisational leaders tend to make decisions solely based on their intuition.
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Delivering data health to the retail industry

While most retailers understand the value of using data to make more informed decisions, many don’t know how. Andy Smith shares how Talend is helping customers address this challenge
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