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A guided pathway for on-premise to cloud migration with Wavicle Data Solutions and Talend

94% of organisations use some form of cloud service — and cloud-related budgets grew 59% from 2018 to 2020. We’re seeing this massive growth and investment in response to the sheer volume of data, from a plethora of sources, moving through complex hybrid and multi-cloud environments. To drive a successful on-premise to cloud migration, you need efficient, speedy, and secure integration solutions.

Join us for this Talend Live webinar in partnership with Wavicle. Wavicle experts Anthony Lempelius, Vice President of Revenue Growth and Strategy, and Ranjith Ramachandran, Lead, Talend & Big Data, will explore:

  • Pain points that grind on-premise to cloud migrations to a halt
  • A definitive guide for the capabilities of Talend and Wavicle cloud migrations
  • How Talend + Wavicle helped the world’s largest QSR migrate data from 108 worldwide markets to the cloud
  • Wavicle’s pathway to successful cloud migrations
  • The advantages of a smaller and more nimble data consultancy company

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