Talend Expands Snowflake Partnership to Deliver Data Clarity to Joint Customers

Now available in Snowflake Partner Connect, Talend Trust ScoreTM instantly assesses the health of data driving business

Redwood City, CA  - December 3, 2020 - Talend, a global leader in data integration and integrity, today announced an expanded partnership with Snowflake, provider of the Data Cloud through Snowflake Partner Connect. The platform offers Snowflake customers a two-week trial through which they can now seamlessly experience Talend Data Fabric, including the recently announced Talend Trust Score that enables companies to easily assess and improve data reliability in their cloud environment.  

With Talend and Snowflake, joint customers can make business-critical decisions with confidence.  Talend Data Fabric is a single platform that delivers complete, clean and uncompromised data in near real time. The Talend Trust Score assesses data stored on Snowflake’s platform for reliability and measures data health by intelligently diagnosing and resolving data integrity issues in multi-cloud environments.

"With Talend, Snowflake and Tableau Software, we have a modern, agile, high-performance, secure and trusted data architecture,” said Arnaud Maton, Head of Data Management, Kiloutou. “This means our business divisions can be autonomous in how they run self-service reports with qualified data and also promote a test and learn approach to their use of trusted data."  

The importance of data health and trust was discussed during a session with Talend and Snowflake executives at Snowflake’s Data Cloud Summit 2020. Talend Trust Score will help companies confidently drive insights using their Snowflake data to quickly make decisions that can accelerate revenue, help innovate faster, and can reduce cost and risk.

“Trusted data is an essential for businesses to make mission critical decisions,” said Rolf Heimes, Global Head of Business Development, Talend. “The combination of Talend and Snowflake enables customers to quickly mobilize their data to achieve better business outcomes, with clean, governed, and accessible data at each stage of their Snowflake adoption. We’re thrilled to add Talend Data Fabric to Snowflake Partner Connect.”

Talend was one of the first partners to support Snowflake Partner Connect with the availability of Stitch on the portal. Additionally, Talend is certified as “Snowflake Ready Technology” and is one of only nine Elite Technology partners in the Snowflake Partner Network.

“We’re excited to offer joint customers the ability to review, improve and certify the reliability of their data with Talend Trust Score on Snowflake’s platform,” said Colleen Kapase, VP of WW Partner & Alliances, Snowflake. “With Talend and Snowflake, customers can confidently make business decisions with data that is clean, concise, and uncompromised.”

 To learn more about our Talend Snowflake partnership, please visit here or Talend’s website.