Talend and Qubole Partner to Disrupt Big Data Economics with Serverless Cloud Support

New Integration between Talend and Qubole Platforms Allow Customers to Scale Compute Resources On-Demand, while Reducing Data Processing Costs by up to 70%

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. and NEW YORK - May 8, 2018 - Talend, a global leader in cloud and big data integration solutions, and Qubole, the maker of a leading cloud-native, big data, self-managing and self-optimizing activation platform, announced new combined capabilities that help data engineers build and run data pipelines, applications and services in the cloud at a fraction of the cost and without the burden of managing servers. Using Talend and Qubole, customers can eliminate time spent writing complex Spark code for big data processing, and instead use Talend to create data jobs and pipelines that are automatically executed at scale on Qubole’s platform. 

“With data volumes doubling each year and the number of business workers needing access to that data tripling, IT leaders end up spending more time and money managing legacy technologies versus investing in utilizing big data to drive business insights,” said Ciaran Dynes, SVP of Products, Talend. “We’re excited to partner with Qubole on delivering a serverless computing experience capable of overcoming today’s broken data economics and helping enterprises maximize the power of the cloud to speed time-to-business outcomes while significantly reducing IT spend.”

Deploying and managing big data technologies can be complicated, costly and requires expertise that is hard to find. Research by Gartner states, “Serverless platform-as-a-service (PaaS) can improve the efficiency and agility of cloud services, reduce the cost of entry to the cloud for beginners, and accelerate the pace of organizations' modernization of IT.” Serverless computing allows users to run code without provisioning or managing any underlying system or application infrastructure. Instead, the systems automatically scale to support increasing or decreasing workloads on-demand as data becomes available.

The integration between Qubole and Talend Data Fabric allows customers to run data jobs and pipelines built within Talend on  Qubole’s workload-aware auto-scaling platform, which then adjusts the size of big data clusters dynamically to meet performance needs.

Working with Talend and Qubole customers can:

  • Integrate data from various sources into a cloud data lake on Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft Azure.
  • Build and execute data quality workloads to cleanse, mask and transform data.
  • Design a data pipeline in Talend and select the big data engine of choice to run that job using Qubole’s serverless experience while ensuring enterprise-level security in any cloud.
  • Optimize cloud resources with Qubole’s capabilities for automatically managing and scaling big data engines like Apache Spark, Hadoop and Hive.
  • Leverage Qubole’s automated AWS spot bidding and management to implement the best price-performance ratio when running data preparation jobs.

By allowing customers to side-step the need to provision, scale, or manage any servers, the combination of Talend and Qubole can help them dramatically reduce data processing costs as compared to on-premises solutions.

“The exponential growth of data volumes, data types, and use cases, along with increasing user expectations, static IT budgets and a shortage of big data skills, has resulted in a data activation gap that is holding back businesses,” said Mohit Bhatnagar, SVP of Product, Qubole. “Together, Qubole and Talend are in a unique position to help companies close this gap, with a joint big data cloud solution that delivers a modern and secure serverless experience, with limited waste, and significant cost savings.”

To learn more about Talend’s support of serverless computing tune in here to view the live stream keynote address by company CEO, Mike Tuchen, at Talend Connect being held in New York on Tuesday, May 8th at 8:45 am ET. Additional information on the practical application of serverless computing using containers on AWS Lambda can be gathered from this blog. Further details on Talend’s complete portfolio of cloud-first solutions can be found at www.talend.com. For more information on Qubole’s big data activation platform click here.

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