European Clothing Retailer Selects Talend to Optimize Digital Shopping Experience for Customers

Tape à l’oeil leverages the power of cloud data and APIs to increase sales and marketing efficiencies and develop a customer-360 approach

Redwood City, CA and Suresnes, France - January 25, 2021 - Talend, a leader in data integration and data integrity, announced today that Tape à l’oeil, a French children’s clothing retailer founded in 1993, has selected Talend to accelerate its digital transformation. Talend is helping the retailer empower data workers and business users with trusted customer intelligence in real-time, to help them optmize and personalize the online shopping experience for its customers. The company is using Talend Data Fabric to speed information delivery and data exchange through APIs to manage their supply chain.They are also relying on Talend Stitch to rapidly integrate data from the Web and social media platforms and analyze sales performance.


In early 2020, Tape à l’oeil’s digital data strategy accelerated with the Covid-19 crisis. The company needed to optimize its online operations as the pandemic had accelerated the research online, purchase offline (ROPO) behaviours of their customers. With Talend, the company was able to better manage and optimize its entire supply chain: “If a product is not available at purchasing time, the sale is lost. There is both the risk that the customer will go to another store and that the product will have to be discounted at the end of the season,” said Guillaume Porquier, Chief Information Officer, Tape à l’oeil. “With COVID-19, some suppliers had to stop their activities, and the real-time monitoring of our supply chain gave us the agility to make the appropriate adjustments very quickly.”


With Talend, the company is also able to build a customer-360 approach through the delivery and timely access to trusted data. Internal and external data provides visibility to stores on customer behaviours and buying habits. This information can then be integrated into predictive models. And, with the data collected from the Web using Talend Stitch, the company can also enrich its customer marketing data with customer journey analysis and predictive analytics.


“The retail industry has been heavily impacted and disrupted with Covid-19 with a massive change in customers’ purchasing behaviours,” said Gareth Vincent, SVP of Sales EMEA, Talend. “Tape à l’oeil data strategy and achievements illustrate the importance on relying on complete, clean and trusted data to react faster and mitigate risk. We are proud to support Tape à l’oeil’s data journey and continuous growth.”


“Retail immediacy and proximity are keys to success in retail,” said Guillaume Porquier. “Information must flow from product design to sales, otherwise we can't do our job. Talend is our strategic partner in this process.”


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