Covanta Selects Talend to Achieve Data Clarity from Industrial IoT Data

Leading sustainable waste management company relies on trusted data to ensure employee safety and gain operational efficiencies

Redwood City, CA  - October 7, 2020 - For Covanta, a New Jersey-based sustainable waste management titan, data is essential in order to efficiently run its facilities and its complex data supply chain. Each year across North America and Europe, Covanta safely converts approximately 21 million tons of waste into clean, renewable electricity to power over one million homes and recycles 500,000 tons of metal. Recently, Covanta selected Talend, a leader in data integration and data integrity, to serve as the foundation for its Data Hub, which will be accessed across the organization to improve operational efficiencies and ensure workplace safety.

The Covanta Data Hub

Operating a sustainable waste-to-energy facility requires operational excellence for efficiency and safety, otherwise it becomes costly.   IoT data is generated from smart sensors located throughout Covanta’s facilities that measure various factors, including temperature, air quality, and steam pressure. Covanta relies on this data to ensure its workers are protected while generating clean electricity, maintaining maximum uptime, and avoiding unscheduled outages. In less than four months, Talend addressed Covanta’s multitude of data siloes with Talend Data Fabric. With Talend, the Covanta Data Hub enables users to access trustworthy data that is available in real-time and ready for use by business and IT teams.

Charles Link, Director of Data and Analytics, Covanta, discussed the company’s decision to work with Talend. “Without question, data trust is a must when it comes to making decisions that directly impact employee well-being and overall safety,” said Link. “The IoT data we use to examine our processes includes many environmental factors which need constant monitoring and Talend has helped us create a secure work ecosystem while minimizing both cost and downtime.”

With Talend, Covanta collects real-time information from its 41 facilities. The efficiency in their data supply chain powered by Talend, is estimated to create at least a 10% cost savings per year for maintenance activities alone.  In order to improve collaboration and reporting efficiencies, Talend helped consolidate 1,000 business terms to approximately 300, so there is a common language to drive insight. Covanta can also now provide trusted data lineage for emissions reporting. In addition, Covanta  uses Talend Trust ScoreTM to measure the health of data across the company. Using a combination of data quality, data popularity, user-defined ratings, the Talend Trust Score  has played a key role in ensuring that the data Covanta uses is complete, uncompromised, and ready for analysis.

Julien Sauvage, vice president of product marketing, Talend, discussed the company’s work with Covanta. “We focus on partnering with our customers and helping them drive innovation, improve operations, and mitigate risk. Covanta has achieved impressive results from their trusted, real-time data supply chain and we are thrilled to be a strategic part of the solution for them.”

“Talend is now operating as the nerve center of our data hub, which provides our employees with access to real-time information,” said Link. “There is now a shared understanding across operations and strategy, business and IT, of what our data means. We now trust the quality of the data we use to operate our facilities.”