- 6 avril 2017

Talend, leader mondial des solutions d’intégration, a annoncé aujourd'hui qu'Almerys, a leading player in the industrial processing of digital information has selected Talend Data Services to improve the quality of service they deliver to their clients. Using Talend solutions will allow Almerys to improve team performance and productivity, all the while accelerating the number of transfers to partners and ensuring platform scalability.

Data at the heart of Almerys’ day-to-day operations

Insurance and mutual companies are increasingly considering their data as a strategic asset that should be secured, streamlined and enhanced, this is even more true for third-party payment processors. “With more than 400,000 invoices processed each day on behalf of fifty clients, we need computer systems that are flexible, secure and responsive. Their own customers rely on the speed of transactions that we manage. The third-party payment system is critical for our customers, but we are subject to significant performance limitations.” says Eric Moleon, Director of Applications for Almerys’ Department of Information Systems.

 “In the past, we relied on historical data extraction and integration tools, developed internally several years ago on the basis of specific technology. With data volumes growing steadily, we decided to abandon that technology to adopt a more modern system,” continues Eric Moleon.

Talend Data Services for real time data integration

As the company’s IT policy favored open source solutions, Almerys evaluated several data integration solutions, including those offered by Talend. The company initially deployed Talend Enterprise Data Integration to perform and resume batch processing. “Early on, significant real-time integration needs convinced us to adopt Talend Data Services, the only platform on the market offering the combination of a data integration solution and an ESB. Thanks to its scalability, the architecture proposed by Talend guarantees both stable scalability and secure flows.” describes Eric Moleon.”

With more than 400,000 invoices processed daily today, and significant future prospects, the performance of the platform is crucial. Almerys now manages a large volume of data flows: a third generation third-party payment activity (pharmacists’ access to the rights of the insured allowing the settlement of an invoice in real-time) corresponds to more than one million transactions per day.

“We developed a solution to manage these flows based on Talend technology. Our 'ebee eXchange' platform is highly configurable and enables you to monitor flows from start to finish. First used internally, we now sell usage, via SaaS services, to health professionals, such as mutual companies and other technical operators of health-related flows,” explains Eric Moleon.

Both operational and strategic benefits

Internally, the main benefit highlighted by Almerys lies in the productivity gains achieved thanks to Talend: “Our development cycles were accelerated by 30%. In addition, by having better visibility of our flows, we experienced 40% gains in terms of maintenance, which is particularly significant during the recovery of former developments,” says Eric Moleon.

“In production, the platform perfectly meets our performance requirements thanks to parallel processing. While all our flows are not yet based on Talend, it is clear that those which are based on Talend work much better! For instance, after the SEPA transfer switch, our bank transfers delays were divided by a factor of between 4 and 10.”

“Based on Talend’s technology, 'eBee eXchange' is a strategic tool for two reasons: first of all, the platform helps us manage our flow exchanges in real-time while meeting the requirements and expectations of our customers, all thanks to an environment for which we can fully master the developments. Secondly, it allows us to improve knowledge thereby enabling us to offer new services,” concludes Eric Moleon.

About Almerys

Almerys, a subsidiary of Orange, is a leading player in the industrial processing of digital information, particularly in the areas of health and paperless transactions. Specializing in the simplified management of health repayments, Almerys facilitates the practice of third-party payment for health professionals and supports supplementary health insurance organizations in their health strategy. 15 million people make use of Almerys’ solutions with more than 50 partners, and 156,000 healthcare professionals operating in more than 15 specialties are contracted on the Almerys third-party payment network.