How DevOps Teams Organize to Deliver REST APIs?

Continuously delivering microservices requires agile teams able to blend development, QA and technical operations, which leads to a DevOps organization.

DevOps has become a widespread practice for engineering teams to deliver software in a more automated way based initially on Continuous Integration and Agile Methodologies. It has fostered a rich ecosystem of tools including GitHub for source code collaboration, Atlassian for issue tracking and agile project management, Jenkins or TravisCI for build automation. Lately, DevOps teams have started to evolve beyond Continuous Integration of software towards more Continuous Delivery in production.

In all workflows that DevOps teams put in place, APIs are key enablers for all the required automations and also the purpose as the delivered software is following an API-First strategy. As a result, the need for a new generation of API-First tooling supporting each member of the DevOps team and his activities such as design, testing, deployment, monitoring or documentation as emerged. Those tools also need to support the new workflows used to deliver API projects more efficiently such as Contract-driven, Data-driven, Test-driven or Behavior-driven.


In particular, DevOps teams using microservices architecture are usually organized around business capabilities and priorities, as are the microservices themselves. Unlike monolithic applications, where teams have isolated focus, microservices make the most of cross-functional teams. Really, microservices architecture is the perfect fit for how DevOps teams are already running themselves. When changes to the application are required, it’s unlikely that the changes will require more development time. Microservices architecture is all about reliability and speed.

At Talend, we provide a REST Platform that helps DevOps teams quickly deliver microservices and more easily succeed in their API-First projects. You can learn more about each of these use cases below.


API-First software combines the best of REST APIs, microservices and DevOps to continuously deliver innovation


API-First software relies on REST APIs to efficiently distribute data & services across the internet


Digital transformation often lead to break software monoliths into microservices exposed as REST APIs

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