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Thanks to this solution, we are constantly signing new contracts and improving our services and customer satisfaction.

Lucas Bridda

A man wearing a hard hat and safety vest is holding a clipboard and looking up at inventory on shelves in a warehouse.A man wearing a hard hat and safety vest is holding a clipboard and looking up at inventory on shelves in a warehouse.

Accelerating, optimising, and innovating to meet new customer needs

98% reduction

in daily order management times

2/3 reduction

in deployment time for new ecommerce services

50% reduction

in data processing time

FM Logistic — a logistics, warehousing, and supply chain management specialist — is dedicated to providing its customers with ever-improving services. FM Logistic creates an omnichannel logistics strategy, focusing on an urban offer and a bulk offer. In response to recent market changes, the company had to adapt to new types of customer requests that cannot be met with traditional tools.

FM Logistic needed to broaden its expertise — which had previously been limited to data exchange — to include real-time integrations. Lucas Bridda, IT manager, chose Talend based on one key criterion: the ease with which its platform could be integrated. “It is incredibly simple to train our employees on how to use the Talend platform,” explains Bridda. “It’s a ready-to-use tool that allows us to respond to any situation or need.”

One of those key needs was automating data exchanges. Talend enabled FM Logistic to reduce the daily operational time dedicated to order management from five hours to five minutes in the first project. Thanks to Talend’s flexibility, FM Logistic also reduced the deployment time for new urban logistics services for a large retail brand by threefold.

They can now deploy APIs in just five days — at a very low development cost and with the ability to easily replicate and standardise them. By incorporating bulk ecommerce for another customer, FM Logistic is continuing to innovate and broaden its range of services.

“Talend eliminates silos and the lack of communication between legacy tools, bringing us more speed, faster exchanges, and faster implementation,” Bridda notes. “Our customers will see significant cost savings, time savings, and an end to accumulated order delays.”

FM Logistic is so convinced by the Talend solution that it has established a dedicated centre of expertise with the mission of training employees internally in the use of the platform and better managing the value of data across the company. As Bridda explains, “It [the platform] puts the value of data at the heart of our system and priorities. Whatever the demand, we are confident that Talend will enable us to adapt and respond. We now use Talend in all of our customer projects because of its power, ease of use, and ability to reduce deployment costs.”