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Talend Joins G-Cloud 13 Framework

Talend has joined Crown Commercial Service’s G-Cloud 13 framework. In 2021 and 2022, CCS helped the public sector to achieve commercial benefits equal to £2.8 billion.
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To weather a recession, upskill your non-technical workforce into citizen analysts

With a skills gap and talent shortage, leaders will need to find creative solutions without tapping their already strapped IT departments. An article by Julie Furt, Senior Vice President, Global Services and Support at Talend.
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Disjointed Data Privacy Regulations – What’s Next for Data?

I recently came across the Talend Data Health Barometer, and one of the highlights of the report is that 97% of the respondents face challenges in using data. So I invited Nick Vigier, CISO at Talend, on the podcast to learn more about the research and explore the complex regulatory landscape, how it’s evolving, and how organizations can navigate accelerated technological change to find their way through the data privacy quagmire.
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What is a data fabric? How it helps organize complex, disparate data

Enterprise IT departments and the data scientists in them use a variety of metaphors to describe how they collect and analyze information, from the data warehouse to the data lake and sometimes even a data ocean. All the metaphors capture some aspect of how the data is gathered, stored and processed before it is analyzed and presented. 
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Is data a silver bullet for the slowing economy?

During the pandemic, companies with a strong understanding of their business as a whole, including employees, partners, customers and even suppliers, fared better than those without the ability to review and use data to drive growth.
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Managing data is becoming an ongoing struggle

The latest findings by Talend, a data integration and management specialist, have revealed that the ability for companies to manage data has been declining year-on-year, with many causes identified aligning with DataIQ member experiences.
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Talend Data Health Barometer report pinpoints need for data literacy and communication

The 2022 Talend Data Health Barometer report has been released with findings that indicate data literacy and trust problems. Get the details here.
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Navigating the Regulation Soup

Privacy regulations are a problem. The primary reason is that while they are increasing around the globe, they tend to have different priorities and conflicting motivations in different jurisdictions. While Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is often the blueprint, other privacy regulations relax some and introduce other requirements.
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Boosting value of DataOps through enhanced monitoring

As the business landscape changes, data availability and an enterprise’s data needs change along with it. The ability to respond swiftly and decisively to problems and opportunities is critical to success, and data observability is a key part of this capability that must not be overlooked.
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Nitori stands up cloud-based data infrastructure

Nitori, an Ikea-like retail chain from Japan, is using Talend and Google Cloud as the foundation of a data architecture it is building to help it achieve long-term growth ambitions.
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