« As a financial technology company, we have particular needs for data governance due to the nature of the data we hold. Talend is pivotal in helping us stay compliant and develop new customer services. »

Elie Soukayem, Director of Data Analytics, areeba

A 500 GB data lake

with one or two GB transferred or ingested daily

Ingesting data every five or ten seconds

for fraud monitoring

Data governance for compliance

with industry rules and regulations

Creating a culture that values data governance

areeba is a financial technology company that aims to improve businesses by providing smarter, faster and seamless payment solutions for banks, merchants, governments and individuals. Talend is pivotal in helping the company stay compliant and develop new customer services. To create a data culture, areeba started building a data team from scratch. In addition, areeba needed an API-enabled data platform to acquire any incoming data.

A governed data lake provides a single source of truth for data and is used for internal projects such as Anti-Money Laundering (AML) or external services such as the Merchant Portal or the Youth App. Internally, the data team has also created a self-service layer, which enables data analysts to build business performance dashboards for executive and finance teams.

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Data Integration

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Data Stewardship

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