Talend Data Integration v7 Certified Administrator Exam

Talend certification exams measure your skills to ensure that you have the knowledge to successfully implement quality projects. Preparation is critical to passing.

This certification exam covers topics related to the administration of a comprehensive Talend solution in an enterprise setting. Emphasis is placed on system architecture, with a focus on all the parts and subsystems that support a complete collaborative development environment.

Certification exam details

Exam content is updated periodically. The number and difficulty of questions may change. The passing score is adjusted to maintain a consistent standard.

Duration: 60 minutes
Number of questions: 50
Passing score: 70%

Recommended experience

  • At least six months of experience using Talend products
  • General knowledge of data integration architecture and advanced features such as parallelization
  • Experience with Talend Data Integration 7.x solutions, including manual installation and configuration, project management, user management, Job deployment strategies, and troubleshooting of common issues


To prepare for this certification exam, Talend recommends:

  • Taking the Talend Data Integration Administration learning plan
  • Studying the material in the Talend Data Integration v7 Certified Administrator preparation training module
  • Reading the product documentation and Community Knowledge Base articles


After passing this certification exam, you are awarded the Talend Data Integration Certified Administrator badge. To learn more about the criteria to earn this badge, refer to the Talend Academy Badging program page.

Certification exam topics

DI installation, migration, and configuration

  • Prerequisites to installation
  • Installation and configuration of Talend Administration Center
  • Configuration of an SVN repository
  • Installation and configuration of Activity Monitoring Console
  • Installation and configuration of Talend LogServer
  • Talend Data Integration architecture
  • Locations of various configuration and log files
  • Migration process

Job Conductor

  • Running a Job in Job Conductor
  • Scheduling Job execution
  • Differences between normal and artifact tasks

Remote execution: JobServer

  • Running a Job on a remote JobServer
  • Why use context variables?

Activity Monitoring Console

  • Activity Monitoring Console information storage
  • Project and Job configuration
  • Accessing the Activity Monitoring Console user interface

Project management

  • Creating projects and users, assigning authorization
  • Creating and managing SVN branches
  • Reference projects

Using Git

  • Git storage
  • Configuring a Talend Git repository
  • Using Git features in Talend

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