Talend Cloud Certified
Administrator Exam

Talend certification exams measure your skills to ensure that you have the knowledge to successfully implement quality projects. Preparation is critical to passing.

This certification exam covers Talend Cloud administration. Topics include, but are not limited to, Talend Cloud architecture and applications, user management in Talend Cloud, deployment and scheduling, remote engines, managing and promoting environments and workspaces, managing Git projects, and publishing and managing artifacts.

Certification exam details

Exam content is updated periodically. The number and difficulty of questions may change. The passing score is adjusted to maintain a consistent standard.

Duration: 55 minutes
Number of questions: 45
Passing score: 70%

Recommended experience

  • At least six months of experience using Talend products
  • Experience with Talend Cloud administration, architecture, and applications
  • Thorough knowledge of Talend Management Console


To prepare for this certification exam, Talend recommends:

  • Taking Talend Cloud Essentials and Talend Cloud Administration learning plans
  • Completing the Talend Cloud Hands-on Migration advanced use case
  • Studying the material in the Talend Cloud Certified Administrator - prep course
  • Reading the product documentation:
    • Talend Studio User Guide
    • Talend Cloud Management Console User Guide
    • Talend Cloud Getting Started Guide
    • Talend Cloud Pipeline Designer User Guide
    • Talend Management Console for Pipelines User Guide
    • Talend Cloud APIs User Guide
    • Talend Software Development Life Cycle Best Practices Guide
    • Talend Cloud Single Sign-On (SSO) Configuration Guide
    • Talend Remote Engine User Guide for Linux
    • Talend Remote Engine User Guide for Windows
    • Talend Cloud Remote Engine for Microsoft Azure Guide
    • Talend Cloud Remote Engine for AWS Guide
  • You should be comfortable using the Talend Help Center to search for documents that correspond with the exam topics.
  • Reading Community Knowledge Base articles

For more information about the recommended Learning Plans, go the Talend Academy Catalog.


After passing this certification exam, you are awarded the Talend Cloud Administrator Certified badge. To know more about the criteria to earn this badge, refer to the Talend Academy Badging program page.

Certification exam topics

Overview of Talend Cloud

  • Explain the role of Talend Cloud in data ecosystems (including third-party software)
  • Explain the architecture of Talend Cloud (including Talend Management Console public API)
  • Differentiate between the various Talend Cloud applications (API Designer, API Tester, Data Preparation, Data Stewardship, Pipeline Designer, and Data Inventory)
  • Describe the purpose of Talend Studio in a Talend Cloud environment

Manage environments and workspaces using TMC

  • Create and manage an environment, workspace, and permissions
  • Promote an environment

Connections and resources

  • Create native and custom connections
  • Manage resources

Execution in Talend Management Console

  • Create a task and configure its execution
  • Create a plan and configure its execution
  • Publish tasks (logs, deployment ports and where service is deployed)
  • Use context variables
  • Execute a Job on a Remote Engine from Talend Studio
  • Debugging and logging (execution logs and audit logs)
  • Monitor executions

User management and authentication

  • Manage profile preferences
  • Create and manage users, roles, and groups
  • Manage projects and authorizations
  • Define login options
  • Generate, use, and manage personal access tokens
  • Apply authentication methods (SSO, MFA, and IAM)

Publish and manage artifacts

  • Differentiate between different artifacts
  • Connect Talend Studio to Talend Cloud and create a remote connection
  • Configure a Git project in Talend Management Console
  • Work with Git in Talend Studio
  • Configure an artifact repository to store external libraries
  • Publish to Talend Cloud from Talend Studio (including deploying artifacts to TMC, correct Job builds, API endpoint about microservice)
  • Publish a pipeline from Pipeline Designer
  • Manage artifacts and versions

Execution engines

  • Choose the types of execution engines (Remote Engine, Remote Engine cluster, Remote Engine Gen2, Cloud Engine and engine tokens)
  • Create and pair a Remote Engine
  • Deploy Remote Engine to AWS and Azure
  • Create standard and advanced run profiles

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