Data quality solutions

Profile, clean, and standardize data across your systems

Talend Data Quality Service (DQS) lets you implement data quality best practices up to 3X faster than on your own — fueling effective business decisions across your organization.

  • Truly trust your data with an intuitive, collaborative, self-service interface.
  • Automate better data with data profiling that lets you quickly identify data quality issues with our built-in Talend Trust Score.
  • Free up data workers to focus on what matters while automatically cleansing incoming data with machine learning-enabled deduplication, validation, standardization, enriching, and so much more.
  • Protect your assets and prioritize compliance by selectively sharing data without exposing personally identifiable information (PII) to unauthorized people by masking sensitive data.

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Truly trust your data

As an integral part of Talend Data Fabric, Data Quality profiles, cleans, and masks data in real time. Machine learning powers recommendations for addressing data quality issues as data flows through your systems. The convenient self-service interface is as intuitive for business users as technical users, fostering company-wide collaboration.

Automate better data

Data profiling lets you quickly identify data quality issues, discover hidden patterns, and spot anomalies through summary statistics and graphical representations. Our built-in Talend Trust Score gives you an immediate, explainable, actionable assessment of confidence, so you know what’s safe to share and which datasets require additional data cleansing.

The fastest path to healthy data

Talend Data Quality Service (DQS) is a managed service that allows organizations with limited resources and expertise to implement data quality best practices up to 3X faster than on their own. Leverage Talend data health experts to continuously monitor and manage your data at scale. With DQS, you can visualize and track data quality KPIs over time, identify and fix quality issues, and fuel effective business decisions across the organization.

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