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Government agencies meet mission objectives when they best serve the needs of a demanding public. Value comes when modern technologies provide social significance in the most cost-effective way possible. Talend solutions for the public sector empower government organizations with open source tools to provide data integration, data quality, master data management and ESB. With these solutions, organizations can better manage information within and between agencies, helping them to meet their objectives, boost transparency and improve accountability. The value of open source software is an important factor to success.

Talend Solutions for Federal Government

Talend solutions for federal government enable IT teams to create a flexible, scalable IT architecture that supports information flow within or across any organization. They give you the capability to integrate, standardize and share data resources, no matter if it exists in different agencies, departments, systems, languages, and formats. They are highly scalable, able to handle enormous data volumes and uncertain data quality. The solutions support data center consolidation, service oriented architecture (SOA) and master data management initiatives.

Data Consolidation

For the sake of efficiency, data systems periodically need to be retired, upgraded or otherwise consolidated. Talend lets regional and federal agencies perform data consolidations to safely retire legacy systems and move data into more cost-effective one-premise or cloud environments. Agencies can modernize their data architecture by allowing the extraction, transformation and loading of big data, small data and any data.


  • Quickly understand and gain access into applications and the data they produce
  • Transform data to deliver a unified data standard, making it more sharable
  • Move data easily from one database to another, or one format to another

Systems Modernization

In managing data in government organizations, modernization is usually the best path to achieve the needs of an ever-demanding public. Innovation means achieving modern-day advances like web applications and mobile apps. At the same time, this must happen within the context of growing data volumes, big data, privacy and security and shifting IT budgets. Talend helps government agencies modernize hand-coded or outdated data management processes with an enterprise platform that allows for cross-functional teamwork. Job are developed in a shared work environment and can be re-used, modified and tweaked to meet changing data management requirements.


  • Lower time-to-value by dramatically reducing implementation and setup time
  • Speed time-to-market by allowing developers to focus on meeting user requirements rather than getting the various application components to work together
  • Lower operating and maintenance costs through simplified upgrades delivered as single packages

Sharing Application Data Through SOA

Silos of applications hinder innovation and agility for IT, ops, and the business, leading to waste, inefficiency and lost opportunity. Talend products for services oriented architecture offer a secure, extensible architecture that can be configured for any application topology, including on-premise applications, those in the cloud, or hybrid.

IT teams will be able to gain efficiencies in development efforts by working in a familiar Eclipse-based environment to develop, build, test and publish secure Java Web services, REST applications, data services and messaging routes.


  • Generate value from having application integration and data integration in one platform where both disciplines can be applied together
  • Gain productivity with drag-and-drop UI for creating Web services, data services, REST applications and messaging routes
  • Quickly deploy new services and more easily manage upgrades

Complete View of People, Places and Things

The Talend solution for master data management empowers federal agencies to create a complete view of any person, place or thing, including tax payers, “bad guys” or mission critical supply chain information. Talend Enterprise MDM provides access, transformation, data quality and process management for data in any format, from any source. Data matching identifies linkages between persons or any entity to create a "single version of the truth."

MDM helps enforce data governance policies and enables a collaborative workflow so that business stakeholders can share responsibility over and access to more complete, consistent and accurate data. It provides a system of record, no matter the disparity of source systems, and ensures that master data stays clean and is made available to those who need it and who are authorized.


  • Create a central repository of master data, a single, trusted source of data for all applications and programs
  • Share metrics and processes with the business users and owners of the data
  • Set controls and access to the data based on the user’s need and security clearance

Talend Product Solutions

Talend solutions for state and local government provide an open source platform for state and local agencies to meet requirements for transparency and accountability. Open source means that you can get started with just a download and expand into commercial licenses when needs require it. With these solutions, you can generate timely reports, improve tax revenues, detect fraud and boost health and human services with proper data management tools.

Talend Data Integration

A powerful and extensible data integration solution designed to meet even the most complex requirements.

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Talend Data Quality

A new generation of profiling, cleansing, matching and monitoring capabilities to solve your data quality issues fast and build cleaner data.

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Talend Master Data Management

Provides flexible, multidomain master data management technology to create a single source of the truth.

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Talend ESB

Develop, build, test and publish Java Web services, REST applications, data services and messaging routes to integrate systems, applications and data sources.

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