Data Quality in Data Warehouse

Data quality is critical to data warehouse and business intelligence solutions. Better informed, more reliable decisions come from using the right data quality technology during the process of loading a data warehouse. It is important the data is accurate, complete, and consistent across data sources.


Obstacles: Keeping Data Clean and Uniform

Data Quality helps keep data clean and uniform in data warehouse and business intelligence solutionsWith the ever-growing volume of data that all companies must all deal with, it's easy for data to get out of synch and fragmented. Whether we get data from the web, call centers, the sales force, or even outside sources, duplicates seem to find their way into the data warehouse. Your system should:

  • Include Duplicate-free Customer Data - Identifying duplicate and near-duplicate records gives your business a clear understanding of who your customers are and why they buy (or don't buy) your products.
  • Conform to Standards - Following the industry standards set by postal authorities and other international committees allows information to be passed from one system to another without losing meaning.
  • Clean Data Anywhere - Cleansing data both in batch and in real time, will reap the long-term benefits of data quality.


Solution: Talend Data Quality for A Data Warehouse

Talend provides a powerful open source-based data quality solution for feeding data warehouses and improving their inherent quality.

The top benefits that Talend solutions bring to data warehouse include the following:

  • Accurate Project Management – Talend’s solution includes advanced profiling so that you can understand data challenges early and to keep your project on time and budget. Know data challenges early in the process so they don't hurt you later.
  • Unified Data Management Platform - Talend's solution unites data profiling, data quality and data integration into a single familiar user interface. Users can get running quickly without having to learn multiple applications and without hand-coding.
  • Real-time Data Quality Processes - ensure high-quality data feeds accurate business intelligence. A unified approach to data quality brings reliability, scalability and flexibility to managing data in the enterprise.

Accurate Project Management

Data warehouse project delays tend to stem from lax attention to data quality issues. Talend's built-in data profiling gives you an accurate view of the status of data quality, no matter where you are in your project plan.

  • Use Talend data profiling functions to assess data quality. Know exactly where you stand regarding data quality and create an accurate plan and timeline.
  • Use Talend's built-in ETL functionality to quickly load your data warehouse and operational data stores. Talend offers a comprehensive list of connectors to many databases and business applications.
  • Score data quality and measure the overall health of data that feeds your data warehouse. Immediately see the impact of your standardization and normalization processes on data by tracking key performance data quality metrics.

Unified Data Management Platform

Tools in the data quality market are often amalgams of solutions that have been acquired through mergers and acquisitions. Trouble is, making the solutions work together can sometimes be like driving a round peg into a square hole. They don't always fit.

  • Simplify the process of designing, building, and enhancing the data infrastructure by replacing silos of data and hand coding with an enterprise-wide solution.
  • Control the entire data management processes from the same GUI, making it easier for your team to make a difference.
  • Reduce project costs and risks by simplifying the process of accessing, discovering, cleansing, and integrating all data for operational data stores, business intelligence, and enterprise data warehouses.

Real-Time Data Quality Processes

Once you've cleansed your data, it's important to keep it clean. Whether you have a current ETL solution in place or not, you can still use Talend Enterprise Data Quality processes with your legacy and enterprise data integration. With Talend, you can:

  • Master enterprise data across multiple sources, applications and systems. Talend generates reusable JAVA which can be used in batch, in real time, or by utilizing web services.
  • Leverage the latest technology. Talend Enterprise Data Quality has been built from the ground up with new technology and a new view on the data quality problem. The new build makes for a cleaner solution with less consulting time.

Process large volumes of data in even less time using Talend's FileScale technology. Eliminate the limitations inherent in traditional data integration architectures by being able to scale to meet the organization's data needs.


Talend Products

Talend Data Quality

Talend provides a powerful open source-based data quality solution that delivers end-to-end profiling, cleansing, matching and monitoring capabilities with the ability to identify anomalies, standardize data, resolve duplicates and monitor data quality over time.

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Talend data quality is there to help by providing the following features:

  • Profiling - With accurate profiling, understand the data challenges early and create a realistic plan to improve it.
  • Matching - Gain a complete view of your customers by eliminating duplicate and redundant information.
  • Record Consolidation - Create the most accurate data by integrating multiple customer records into a single best-of-breed record.
  • Postal Validation - Reduce postage expense and ensure delivery with name and address data that meets postal standards.
  • Standardization - Ensure that your name and address data follows local and global standards, making it easier to share between systems.
  • Reference Data Integration - Meet any business objective by enriching and enhancing customer data with external reference data.

Talend Data Management

Talend Data Management turns disparate, duplicate sources of data into trusted stores of consolidated information, so your business can be more responsive and confident in daily decisions.

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